Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Missing home...

Currently hanging out in a motel room and missing home a little. As part of my job I sometimes spend a few nights away from home servicing schools that are further away. I'm currently at the end of day 2 of my 4 day trip and would be happy to go home tomorrow. I find one night is okay, two is okay, but the third night I always want to go home. I've had a productive few days though and been able to get most of the paperwork and admin side of my school visits sorted while at the schools, so all going well I can keep it up, and spend less time working on it on Friday when I'm back in the office. Maybe even swindle myself and early mark! Though I doubt it.

We are starting to plan out next trip to the canarvans. The wonderful group of ladies I exercise with went for a long weekend last year and had an amazing time. I can't waitntondonit again, though it won't be until October. Will try and set up my camping supplies and build up my fitness and endurance so I can blitz the trip this time. I was very proud of my efforts last time. Did 20ish km walking for the day. My aim for October will be to run sections!!

I'm a little sleepy, but need to make sure I go to sleep so I'm not tired for tomorrow. I'd much rather stay up reading my new book all night, but unfortunately that's not an option mid week.mwill count down to Friday when I can do that.

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  1. Hello Liz
    I found your blog - only a little searching required. Keep up the good work.