Monday, 29 April 2013

Belly Flop

Hmmmm... I started out this blogging venture nice and strong but have dwindled.

 Not a lot has really changed.

 My vegetable garden is still just a patch of dirt. I dug through some new soil not this weekend just gone but the previous one and moved the truss for the tomatoes and beans. I've bought some seedlings and have been nurturing them in their punnets, really must get them in the ground soon. The chooks are still laying well, and actually escaped out into the neighbours yard last week and were roosting on a stump in their back yard when we went down to put them away.

 We've been sussing out and refining our skills with the bread maker and are getting consistently good results. I'm loving waking up in the mornings on the weekend to a house full of the smell of fresh bread and then having hot fresh bread for breakfast!

 My crafting is coming along slowly. I'm having a go at appliqué for the first time on one of my current projects, and then Im still doing more embroidery (absolutely loving it!) and will eventually get around to doing this baby quilt on my to do list before the baby is born and celebrating its first birthday!! I wish I could set aside more time in the day to do more.

 And on the fitness front I have started back doing my exercise and hitting the gym. 24/7 gym access with Snap Fitness is something I have to admit I do enjoy even though I am only using it at normal times. I have re-discovered my complete lack of upper body strength and an determine to develop some!!

 Well that's a fairly decent update of all the things that haven't really changed. One of these days Ill log on on my computer instead of just through the iPad and look into pretty-fying a little more and adding so pictures.

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  1. OH Liz
    You are too hard on yourself.

    Being Liz UNlimited doesn't mean you can never have a 'quiet' week.

    You are still making progress & that proves your are unlimited.