Saturday, 13 April 2013

A green thumb I will grow...

I started my grading venture today. I have a history of severe brown thumb to the point where I have even killed a cactus! So it will be interesting to see how this turns out.

I've bought some seedlings of a variety of different veges, a Cousin It plant and my lovely husband has organised for some garden soil to get delivered next week to mix in to what's already there. I spent an hour or so today turning over the soil that is there and set the sprinkler on it got a while. Will turn it over again tomorrow and then next week before I mix in the new stuff, then I should be ready to start planting. The chives and some parsley seem to have survived from the last attempt so hopefully they will continue to grow.

I don hope it all works and I am able to grow something!


  1. did you mean gardening...rather than grading?? LOL!! I'm sure this attempt will go better. Maintenance is the key. Once everything is planted you need to get out there every day to throw some water around, harvest and weed!! Good luck Liz!

  2. Yes gardening... The auto correct curse strikes again!