Ongoing & Unfinished

Ongoing from 2012:

  • Foundation Piece cushion cover: topper all finished, cushion purchased... just have to sew it all together!!! Started August, 2012.
Added up until July, 2013:
  • A Quilters Dream - most of the topper is now finished... I'm just up to the applique *squirms*... I will do this.. I will I will! Started April, 2013.
  • Hungry Caterpillar Baby Quilt - this will be finished soon!! I've now finished the topper and started the quilting process... it has to get finished very soon as bub is due in a 2months!! Started Feb, 2013.
  • Brutus embroider - a series of embroideries from Red Brolly featuring Brutus the cat.. I've finished 2... only 7 to go! And then to piece them into a quilt! Started May, 2013

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